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balloon tower defence 5

Bloons Tower Defence 5 is strategy game works with logic to blow balloons with monkeys. Beside it is easy, it is also entertaining too. The goal of Balloon Tower Defense 5 is making a defense inside of maze with monkeys and blows the balloons. If you can’t blow them and if the balloons reach to your area, your health will decrease. The game continues until your health run out. Also you gain XP with every balloon you blow. With those XP, you may unchain new kind of monkeys and skills. Also it is possible to do these and develop your defense with money too. You can place the monkeys wherever you want to defense on menu, map. The green zone is the area that you may place the monkeys, the red zone is the area that you can’t. If you make your strategy well and place the monkeys, it will be easy to blow the balloons. Also developing a monkey will make your business easy. Because one developed monkey equals two undeveloped monkey. If you want to, you may increase your level harder and make different strategies and enjoy Balloon Tower Defence 5 more. Bloons Tower Defence 5 will addict you to itself and give you whole control to create your own strategy. It provides you to blow the balloons wherever you want. Because people like to struggle with more trouble. You can play the game with mouse. However it is also possible to add keyboard shortcuts too. We warn you, once you start to play, you may addict to the game. There are more than a thousand enthusiasts of this game.

balloon tower defence 5
bloons tower defence 5
balloon tower defense 5

Also the other versions of this game are available on our website. Let’s play, Balloon Tower Defence 1, Balloon Tower Defence 2, Balloon Tower Defence 3, Balloon Tower Defence 4 and Balloon Tower Defence 5 together. What are you waiting for! Join us and enjoy the game.

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